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Privacy Statement has adopted a privacy policy that confirms our commitment to privacy. Below explains how information and dissemination practices for the website. collects information for a single purpose, to better serve our customers. Information is used for marketing, improve user experience, website information, updates and technical improvements. Please feel free to contact us with any questions:
Tel: 855-QUEST-US / [email protected]


IP Address and Cookies

IP addresses are used to recognize any technical problems and to manage our website. ShippingQuest uses cookies to help us recognize returning customers and unique user experience.


Information Collection

Registered users are contact via email and telephone to confirm orders, send out required information in order to maintain a seamless process when placing orders in case information needs to be confirmed or verified. We contact users in case of changes and notifications. For all orders, ShippingQuest requires full shipper and consignee information in order for our systems to complete the bill of lading for any freight shipping.


Information Sharing and Access

ShippingQuest does not share information of any users. We do not sell or distribute any user information. Our registered users can rest assured that they will only be contact by ShippingQuest staff or contracted carriers in order to facilitate and execute freight shipping orders.



ShippingQuest does not have any advertisers or banners of any kind. No banners or pop ups.



ShippingQuest uses the latest technology for our site, this includes the general user experience and registered user account. ShippingQuest has limited access to registered users information such as passwords and credit card information. ShippingQuest utilizes a firewall to verify access to our website.


Users / opt out / Cancellation

Registered users will be contacted via email and or phone with marketing promotions by ShippingQuest for the intention of promoting ShippingQuest products or services. Users have the choice to opt out from this feature by simply pressing the link (Remove me from your database). Registered users have the right to cancel and close their ShippingQuest account. Any registered user that signed on to the one year minimum PowerShipper ™ will be charged the remaining balance and any PowerPoints™ earned will be converted to cash and credit to the account balance. All affiliates associated with the registered user will simply be disconnected.
At anytime registered user can re-activate the account. If user is still in the time period that was paid then the registered user will have the PowerShipper ™ enrolled for the remaining time.



Registered users can contact ShippingQuest for any matter relating to bookings, quotes, account information, updates and questions.
Email:[email protected]
Tel: 855-QUEST-US