Reward Points Program


Using ShippingQuest.com has it’s Rewards

By being a loyal Shipping Quest customer you are entitled to receive Rewards besides just saving money on freight shipping. Our Rewards program gives you money back that you can spend on whatever you wish, whether it is more savings on your shipping or a gift for someone in your family. It is up to you how to use them.

Referral Rewards


Put on your seat belt and watch your Reward Points zoom like a rocket by referring a friend or business. If you refer a business or a friend through your member profile page you will get points for every referral, plus you will get points for every consummated shipment ordered at a future date by your referent.

Funding Rewards


No need for a S.O.S when you can just get more points by adding funds. Use your Debit or Credit Card to receive extra reward points. It is that easy! No need to holler for rescue!

Questing Rewards


No lengthy studies, no profound theories, no complex equations, just rewards and savings. You don’t have to be a scientist to figure out that using ShippingQuest has its Rewards. Get Reward points for just registering, and then commence racking up points with every dollar you spend Questing.

Available Funds


Register a card

A ShippingQuest account allows you to register and manage your Quest Cards, and to participate in our Rewards program.

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Your ShippingQuest.com profile page is easy to manage and helps you keep track of your Reward Points and shipments.

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