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How to easily cancel your booking 

Simple, Easy, no charges or fees

ShippingQuest does not require a deposit or payment to make a booking. Customers can book online or with our reservation dept and make unlimited changes to the service date without any fees or charges. In case a booking requires to be cancelled, simply call or reply to our emails 24 hours prior to your service date and let us know that you would like to cancel. This will allow us the opportunity to notify the pickup carrier and avoid a dry run fee. The only time charges are incurred is when certian services were rendered. For example, your shipment was collected or dropped of at the terminal. we can cancel and stop the shipment, however, a pickup charge was incurred, and the receiving terminal will have an IN & OUT fee. Additionally, once shipments arrive to the terminal they are generally transferred within our logistics channels to the next terminal for the consolidation where we export out from. So if your goods were collected and delivered to our Atlanta, GA terminal, most likely the same evening the freight will get transported to our New Jersey or South Carolina export terminal. If this happens, the customer is responsible for transport charges if they decide to cancel. If shipments are cancelled during transit then the customer is responsible to collect the shipment from the terminal within 48 hours after payment for service rendered. Terminals will charge storage. Storage fees are $15 per day minimum 15 Days.


Additional charges that can be incurred:

-Insurance ( If requested & Purchased )
-In & Out fees ( Terminal Charges )
-Pickup fees
-Palletizing service ( If provided ) 
-Return shipment to customer ( If requested )

ShippingQuest ensures that communication with our customers is always at our first priority. Customers can easily email or call in and speak to any customer service agent to cancel a booking. Or you can simply email your request and wait for a confirmation reply. Either way, your request will be answered and immediately confirmed to be cancelled.



In the event of exclusive container bookings such as 20' or 40', we do require a deposit because a container must be booked with the shipping line, and a trucker must pull the container out of the port. If the cancellation is not done within the free cancellation time period then the deposit will be forfieted because ShippingQuest has incurred fees from the trucker and the shipping line, along with possible insurance policy if issued. ShippingQuest always does it best to save our customers money and provide a full refund in the event of cancelling for an exclusive container service, however this must be done within the cancel period.  

Professional Movers:

Though a deposit is not required, in the event that your booking was scheduled for professional movers and services were rendered such as pickup, packing, insurance, transport to export terminal, these charges will be applicable if a booking is cancelled. 

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