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If your in the market for cheap shipping freight, then ShippingQuest is your best partner. Success in the freight business relies heavily on connections to other entities or individuals. In sheer volume ShippingQuest gets you to be connected to hundreds of carriers. Additionally: Those connected include companies that you know and trust. You are able to obtain instant online carrier quotes from hundreds of carriers, and the latest state of the arts technology used by the Company facilitates processing of orders, printing of requested documentations and monitoring the progress of transport. In less than a minute one may receive deep discount freight quotes, select the carrier of choice, prepare the bill of lading, process payment and print the bill of lading.

No other company provides such an easy order processing. ShippingQuest offers names of carriers that specialize in discount rates. Just by obtaining a quote to your liking puts you ahead of your peers. Placing many providers in a head on competition for your business contributes by itself to reduced rates. Obtaining discounted quotes lets you market your service and product competitively. Experience tells us that many of our clients gained much more business due to the cheap freight quotes we provided them which also included the smooth and fast booking process. We offer LTL Freight quotes, FTL Freight quotes, LCL and FCL international shipping via ocean quotes and other informative details. Carrier quotes are instant and free of charge and appear instantly and directly on our site. If you like the quote, you can quickly register, process the order and book your freight shipment. Our services are offered to businesses and private individuals. Businesses generally sign up for the Powershipper program since they ship often. A Powershipper is a subscriber to this monthly paid service that who wishes to receive an additional 5% - 15% discount on our already discounted prices. The Powershippers enjoys further benefits, and earns more shipping points. Such a person or business will recommend our service to others whereby building a dedicated line of affiliates, who, by the mere action of placing orders, will entitle the originator to further accumulation of points. Such points are applied towards reductions of the amounts of future invoices or can be exchanged for cash.

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