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Do's & Dont's of Shipping                    
Simplifying the shipping process


ShippingQuest was developed to simplify the shipping process. Users instantly obtain online quotes & bookings for international ocean shipping. Our advanced technology and proprietary software gives users access to better shipping options, lower cost, and a simple process to quote and book your service.

ShippingQuest services are catered to shipments that are all boxed, crated or palletized and ready for pickup.

ShippingQuest offers 3 shipping options

-Terminal to Terminal  ( Cheapest service requries you to deliver and collect from terminal, you are required to clear customs ) 
-Door to terminal        ( Most popular service, requires you to collect from terminal, you are required to clear customs )
-Dooor to door            ( Premium service, Customs clearance and delivery to your door is included )

-When selecting a service, be sure to understand your responsibilities and obligations. With all three services, you will be required to pay terminal fees and local charges at the destination country

-All your goods must be properly boxed, nothing can be bare or exposed. Do not bring your goods to the drop off terminal bare and unpacked, the terminal will refuse to accept your goods

-All shipments must be on heat treated pallets. Our quotes do not include the pallet charge since many customer will have their goods on heat treated pallets. If we palletize, the charge is $95.00 per pallet

-Do not palletize your goods on pallets that are not heat treated. We will need to exchange them to heat treated pallets. Do: Plastic Pallets are permissible

-Invoices are based on real measured volume L x W x H of the entire pallet. No matter what your booking is, your final invoice is based on what your real volume is measured 

-Port to port invoice are based on volume only. Door to port and door to door is based on volume and weight

-ShippingQuest services are prepaidDo not  assume your goods will sail out if your invoice has not been satisfied

-Do not use an email for the booking that you will no longer have access to. We correspond via email almost exclusively 

-ShippingQuest offers scheduled sailngs which is posted in your online account. Invoices corrulate to your sailing schedule and must be satisfied by the due date. If invoices are not satisfied your goods will remain in storage. Minimum charges are $15.00 per day Minimum 15 Days. Do Not delay in making payment and Do pay the exact amount without round off so we can match this to your booking

-When delivering your goods to the terminal, you must have your inventory or commecial invoice with you. The receiving terminal must know what you are delivering

-ShippingQuest offers scheduled sailings however they are still ETA = Estimated Time of Arrival. ETA can change for many reason that are beyond anyones control and a valid reason for any delay will be provided

-Any shipment valued at $2500 or above requires AES filing with US Customs

-Door to port and door to door shipments do factor the weight for the pickup. So although size is the determining factor for your invoice, weight is considered as well. If you booked for 1 pallet 100 cubic feet 500 lbs and the carrier confirms your same pallet weighs 800 lbs then you can expect to have additional charges for the weight

-Pickup at residential locations have a surcharge by the carrier, Do Not consider your home business as a business pickup. Business locations are considered by zoning 

-Terminal to Terminal service, Do Not Pay anything when dropping off. Your invoice will be emailed to you 48 -  96 hours after drop off.

-Freight destined to inland terminals such as Zurich, Switzerland: Shipments will arrive to a port of entry such as Genoa Italy or Bremen Germany, clearance will be required at the port of entry, our agents will then transport your goods to the destination terminal Do not assume clearance will be done at the destination terminal

-Communication: ShippingQuest can be reached by phone during normal business hours, and via email. You can reply to any email received by ShippingQuest

-Transit times provided are approximate and can change due to many factors such as: Vessel Delays, Port Congestion, container over booking, and most importantly trans-shipment. Transit times only consider the actual ocean time and not wait time at the export terminal since many factors are considered for wait time such as: Payments, documents provided by the customer, certain clearances with customs.

-ShippingQuest chooses how to logistically transport freight globally. Many final destinations are serviced by trans-shipment service such as Dubai, Hong Kong and Singapore

-Door deliveries are based on normal access. Additional charges are applied if your delivery requires a shuttle / smaller truck, barge service, or long carry

-If your ocean bill of lading has been issued and you require to have any information amended, the charge is $150.00 Please be sure to be 100% sure about your shipper, consignee, and commodity information

-Cancellations: Customers can cancel the booking if the shipment did not depart ( Ocean born ). Depending on the service selected, any service that was rendered will require payment, e.g : Pickup service, palletizing, transfers to other terminals in our logistics channels, insurance if purchased, in & out fees from the terminal, any packing / wrapping. A detailed invoice will be provided for any service provided. Do provide notice to cancel before your shipment has been loaded to the container

-Measurements: Shipment are measured L x W x H. The receiving terminal will measure your freight using the longest Length with the widest width and highest height. Even if your freight has dead space this will be considered in your total volume since this space is occupied inside the container. The best way to avoid any dead space is using identical measured boxes and using even # of boxes to fill up and dead space. Invoices are based on final measurements provided by the receiving terminal

-Amending your ocean bill of lading: Once shipments are ocean born, the ocean bill of lading copy is emailed to the customer / shipper on file / registered user. Any changes or amending of the ocean bill prior to the shipment sailing will have no charge. Should the customer / shipper on file / registered user require to amend any information of the ocean bill of lading after the shipment has sailed and the ocean bill of lading was producted a $150.00 charge will be required. Do esnure the information provided at time of booking or prior to the ocean bill of lading being produced is accurate and final.

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