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Flat Rack Shipping Containers


ShippingQuest offers 20' and 40' flat rack container for all your heavy and over sized goods which are ideal for large and heavy cargoes which cannot be loaded into containers with fixed sides or walls. Flat rack containers have a high load capacity frame and a softwood floor, the walls at either end of a flat rack can be fixed or collapsible.

ShippingQuest provides Flat Rack Shipping from all major ports globally. 

Flat Rack 
 20ft Flat Rack Cont.
   40ft Flat Rack Cont.
Specifications      8×8’6″ Standard      8×8’6″ Standard
Cargo Capacity      20,015 kg (44, 133 lbs.)     30,476 kg (67,200 lbs.)
Tare Weight      3,100 kg (6,835 lbs.)     6,646 kg (12,450 lbs.)


Length     5.85 m (19.19 ft.)     12.05 m (39.52 ft.)
Width     2.23 m (7.31 ft.)     2.12 m (6.95 ft.)
Height     2.15 m (7.04 ft.)     1.96 m (6.43 ft.)

Our professional seasoned team will assess your cargo and prepare a quote that caters to your specific requirements. Over Sized Cargo requires coordination at both ends of ports and special handling. ShippingQuest special cargo dept ensures you get the best quote and services.

ShippingQuest global network and presense in every port world wide ensures you get the service you need. 

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