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ShippingQuest is fully aware that every domestic freight shipment is important to you and your business. Therefore, the Company created a wide range of solutions to safely ship cargo across any city, state or country. You can easily obtain shipping quotes on our easy to use instant online quotes for all your LTL freight. If you are shipping freight in LTL (less-than-truckload) quantities, you need to understand the price calculation mechanism used by the industry to determine the cost of shipment. In the LTL world, freight shipping rates are calculated according to three main criteria – distance, weight and freight shipping class. This is pretty common knowledge amongst LTL shippers. But what is not fully disclosed to the layman shipper is the element of weight break and its bearing on the overall cost of the shipment: 

Weight breaks are points in freight shipping pricing where the rate per hundred pounds decreases, as the weight increases. A single bigger load will cost less to ship than several smaller ones that together match its weight! The industry gives preference in price to the big loads! 

Freight shipping pricing reduction occurs at the following thresholds: 500 lbs, 1,000 lbs, 2,000 lbs, 5,000 lbs, 10,000 lbs and 20,000 lbs.

We want you to be exposed to yet another way to save money. It is just one example among many others whereby our customers are directed towards saving. After all, our Company’s main intention is to reduce your shipping costs. Log on to compare rates from top shipping companies, and with our best price guarantee you simply cannot go wrong:

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