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The world of shipping has been changing dramatically. What once took a few hours to collect freight shipping quotes from carriers and brokers now only takes no more than 15 seconds, and this data is enhanced by much better rates and options. Technology has changed the way we do business. When a business or individual needs to ship freight internationally they know they can trust We offer instant online quotes and bookings with a variety of services. We offer Port to Port shipping, door to port shipping, and Door to Door shipping. Anything that is boxed, palletized or crated can be shipped with us.

Our carriers will not accept bare items or poorly packed boxes. Carriers do not want to carry a liability when transporting your goods. If the goods are poorly boxed or palletized then they are liable to be damaged during transit and the carrier will have a liability to face. When shipping overseas you should consider purchasing insurance if you want your goods to have coverage. Marine insurance basically covers your goods in cases of damage. Lost items are not covered. ShippingQuest offers insurance coverage so you do not have to shop around. You can obtain coverage for any type of commodity and for every type of service we offer, domestic and international. Connect to the most powerful shipping platform available. 

The more you familiarize yourself with our service, the more you will be able to utilize the best tools, learn of our service advantages and benefit from our extraordinary rates. ShippingQuest has invested a lot of capital in our technology driven site which gives users the best possible overall experience for obtaining instant quotes for various services relating to the shipping and transport industry. Our customers start with a quest for quote and proceed with booking, tracking, managing the accounts and entering a whole gamut of related activities and experiments with buttons and features - all of which helps make the entire freight shipping business an enjoyable experience.


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