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ShippingQuest specializes in both Domestic and International freight shipping. It is also an online leader for instant freight quote comparison from hundreds of carriers. Therefore, it is logical you start your search for your intended shipping right here. We are confident that you will not need to look elsewhere. ShippingQuest also provides expert shipping advice and outstanding customer service. You can ship your boxes, pallets, or crates anywhere in the USA or to thousands of destinations around the globe. You receive incredible low rates quoted instantly online. No need to waste time with phone calls or wait for someone to call you back. With ShippingQuest you can obtain everything you need on your own and on the spot. For domestic freight you just select either Select LTL Freight Shipping or FTL freight shipping. That requires one click! For international shipping simply select one of the following: LCL Port to Port shipping, Door to Port shipping or Door to Door shipping. Can it be simpler? You can trust ShippingQuest to collect and deliver your shipment on time utilizing the most efficient service and all of that still at deeply discounted price. 

The common denominator for all of these methods is that you need to provide the shipping company your freight in the same manner: All items densely packed, crated or palletized. If you are not a business or manufacturer that has the proper packing materials on hand you can simply boxed your goods and place them on a pallet or you can have a professional company assist you. This can be a good solution if you pack breakable items and need to make sure they arrive to destination “safe and sound” without damage. Insurance is always recommended and we always stress to our clients the benefit of getting extra insurance and not to just rely on the basic one provided, sometimes free of charge.

ShippingQuest is a pioneer for online freight shipping connecting you to hundreds of carriers you know and trust at discount prices for domestic and international shipping. Get connected to the most powerful and trusted name in the shipping industry and start saving today!


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