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Freight shipping rates


ShippingQuest is an online shipping pioneer that has developed the most sophisticated shipping platform and will continue to provide you with the latest technology for freight shipping quotes, bookings, and freight management.

You can obtain instant freight rates from our online shipping calculator, you can compare rates for Less then truck loads or LTL from hundreds of carriers at deep discount prices or you can get an instant quote for international shipping. Either way your guaranteed to get your quote on the spot which then you can immediately book your shipment.

Freight Shipping Rates are the figures quoted as prices for different offers, services and costs that comprise the overall quote submitted to an individual shipper or a business shopping for freight shipping solutions. It is the measure according to which one can compare one offer to another. Any item manufactured or any figure calculated that is compared to a like product or design is considered a rate. By receiving a ledger of figures denoting conclusions of calculations the observer translates the findings into rates and with such rates he is able to compare the different number values in front of him. 

ShippingQuest is a pioneer for online freight shipping connecting you to hundreds of carriers you know and trust at discount prices for domestic and international shipping. Get connected to the most powerful and trusted name in the shipping industry and start saving today! 



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