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Freight Transport


There are many kinds of freight transport modes in the business. The terms LTL (Less than Full Truck Load), FTL (Full Truck Load), LCL (Less than Container Load) and FCL (Full Container Load) are widely used in the transport business world and explained in detail in articles you find on this site. In the international shipping chapters you will find information pertaining to your duties and responsibilities in sending your transport overseas or retrieving it in this country after it was sent from abroad. We guide you through the actions you need to undertake, the paperwork involved and the rules and regulations you must abide with. We also direct you to clear customs and pick up the merchandise from destination port, if so is the case, within the allowance time frame in order to avoid further charges.

ShippingQuest offers all service with instant online quotes and bookings. In just a few seconds you can compare all carriers’ deep discount prices and book your order. When placing a request for a price quote, it is important to enter the correct information such as weight, dimensions, packaging type, class, commodity, location type at pickup, delivery location type such as business or residential, and the optional need of a lift gate on either location. Such information affects the quote so it is important you submit the correct information. Freight carriers reserve the right to inspect your goods to ensure that all the submitted information pertaining to your commodity, class, weight and dimension is corroborated. If carriers find a discrepancy, your price may change. International shipping via ocean freight price is based more on volume then weight. You can generally calculate on shipping cargo weighting up to 800 kilos per cubic meter. We offer discount shipping rates for all ocean freight services. Whether you required Port to Port, Door to Port or Door to Door you can rely on us to give you discounted rates without sacrificing on quality of service. ShippingQuest is connected to thousands of carriers nationwide and worldwide. ShippingQuest can transport almost everything that can be put inside a container or truck. Proper packaging is require for any kind of shipping or transport. 

ShippingQuest offers crating services for your goods. We will collect, crate and ship your goods nationally or internationally. We offer certification of Heat Treatments of wooden crates and packing materials according to the new IPPC (International Plant Protection Convention) standards now imposed by 160 countries. You can count on ShippingQuest’s network of LTL Carriers, FTL Carriers, and international ocean consolidators along with the Company’s own consolidators, for international shipping from any country to any country with pickup and delivery services.  Get connected to the most powerful and recognized name in the shipping industry and start saving today!


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