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Freight trucking



Customer must make sure that the goods to be sent are well packed, secured and properly boxed, crated or palletized. Items should in no way be exposed, loosely wrapped or light packed. Freight must have shipping labels with shipper and consignee information attached to each and every box, crate or pallet. When obtaining quotes, it is important to select the correct commodity. An error or omission in classification may result in the re-classification of the freight by the carrier and with that charges may augment. The driver who arrives to haul the merchandise must be given a correct bill of lading. Once the freight has been collected by the freight trucking company, customer will receive an issued PRO #, which then needs to be typed onto the TRACKING tab on the page of the order. Thereupon the transport can be tracked and monitored anytime. Simply log onto your account and track every order directly in your Freight Manager.


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freight trucking
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