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International shipping is a very broad subject and the expertise of our company. We offer many ways to transport goods internationally. ShippingQuest deals mostly in the most popular mode of international freight shipping service and that involves the use of ocean freight. You can choose from LCL (Less then container load) where freight of many shippers are consolidated into one container, or you can ship FCL (Full container loads) where you rent an exclusive container for yourself. The choice of service depends on the volume of shipment. International shipping is based primarily on volume rather than weight. Weight is a factor too, but the limits set are high and they need to exceed 800 kilos per cubic meter to become a problem. Containers come in few standard sizes. The most popular are those of 20 feet and 40 feet in length. A 20’ container can hold approximately 24 cubic meters and a 40’ can hold approximately 48 cubic meters. Vessels in the industry operate as VOCC (Vessel Ocean Common Carrier) and agents for the vessel just like ShippingQuest are NVOCC (Non Vessel Ocean Common Carrier).

The entire industry is narrowly interwoven and companies in both categories rely on one another’s services to create the full shipping process. Everyone who moves freight internationally will, at some point of the logistics, act as a broker, because the agent who collects the goods is not involved in the ocean shipping, and the agent that delivers the goods is not related to the ocean carrier or the origin agent. Thus, doing the transport requires coordination between three unrelated entities and supervising the entire process. The Shipping Forwarder, such as ShippingQuest is connected to the various participants previously mentioned by means of relationship, and acts thus in the capacity of a broker. This is the standard feature of the industry. We want you, the potential customer, to have a clear understanding of what shipping by ocean entails and what are the services actually required. To sum it all up, the service depends on few factors such as volume, weight (if pickup is needed), the kind of commodity to be transported, origin and destination. ShippingQuest offers instant online quotes and bookings for Port to Port, Door to Port and Door to Door transport to and from over 100 countries.


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