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With ShippingQuest you receive instant LTL freight shipping quotes from national carriers you know and trust. ShippingQuest connects you to all the LTL carriers that cover your area and offer deep discount prices. Our latest technology software allows you to get free freight quotes and the ability to book your shipment all in 1 minute.

Our carriers cover all of the USA and Canada. Do not be surprised if you see their names listed elsewhere, even with our direct competitors. We do not exclude any reputable carrier from our lists and the carriers tend to keep their independence from any overbearing exclusive contracts that may potentially limit their business. Once you get a quote and about to book your order you are defended from any surprise surcharges such as for fuel. Our offers to you are firm! What you book is what you get! Your online freight manager account will manage all your LTL freight issues which include bookings, payments, saved orders, documentation, invoices, tracking, reward points that can be redeemed, and a participation in an affiliate program that invites you to add friends and associates to the list of our clients whereby you earn extra shipping points. ShippingQuest connection provides you the lowest rates in the industry. You can rest assured that at any time your quest for quotes will result in looking at rock bottom rates. Our LTL freight department is at your service at business hours, always on alert to give guidance and share professional advice. Carriers may collect freight the same day you place your order if completed by 1pm EST. You can instantly schedule your LTL shipping online or with one of our well trained and knowledgeable agents.

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LTL loads must be secured safely for transport. Since LTL freight needs to be transferred a few times in and out of trucks you must ensure your goods are secured well on the pallet or your boxes are properly packed or crated.

Review the following before choosing a LTL freight carrier.

1 Is my shipment less than 10,000 lbs?

2 Who will I engage to load or off- load?

3 Will I palletize my goods, or crate them?

4 Will I need a lift gate at either end?

5 Am I shipping from or to a residence?

6 Is my transport volume above 750 cubic feet?

LTL shipments need to weigh between 151 and 10,000 lbs. Less Than Truckload carriers collect freight from various shippers and consolidate that freight onto tugged trailers for transport to the delivering terminal where the freight will be reassembled and sorted for further transport. Drivers do deliveries in the morning and collect freight in the afternoon. Pickup and deliveries are for a specific route that remains generally constant. Drivers know the route and develop relationships with repeat clients.

Once trailers are filled the transport commences its journey. Upon termination of the assignment the driver returns to the terminal from which he commenced his journey to offload and sort for new loads for transport.

Freight loads can be inspected if carriers choose to do so, and if weight differs then carrier will be given an officially documented weight certificate.

An LTL shipment may be handled only once while in transit, or it may be handled multiple times before final delivery is accomplished.

Transit time for LTL freight varies and is longer than that of a Full Truckload Freight (FTL). LTL transit time is not determined by the distance between shipper and consignee alone. Instead, LTL transit time depends on the network of terminals that are operated by a given carrier and other terminals used by the carrier's beyond-area agents and interline partners. In some instances the LTL freight requires up to 7 days of delivery time frame. Moreover, delivery to beyond points or remote areas will almost always add days to the transit time.

The main advantage to using an LTL carrier is that a shipment may be transported for a fraction of the cost of a more dedicated and faster service. To the offered quote price one will need to add payments for extra options such as lift gates, residential service at pickup or delivery, inside home/office delivery, notification prior to delivery, freeze protection, and others. These services are usually billed at a predetermined flat fee by the chosen carrier.



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