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Professional Packing Services

ShippingQuest offers professional moving and mover services. Packing & wrapping your items with professional packing supplies. Movers will assess your packing requirements on the pickup date and professionally pack and prepare your goods for shipping on premises. Packing & Wrapping services are an additional charge to the shipping quote since every packing service has a different requirement. Most customers will box up there boxabale goods such as, toys, clothes, shoes, documents etc. They will have the professional movers pack & wrap the the furniture and the fragile items. 

Below are Packing & Wrapping Charges:

( All rates include labor, time and materials that are provided by the movers ) 

Bubble Craft:                 $9.00  Per foot
Linen Box:                   $27.00
Dish Pack:                   $55.00
Wardrobe box:             $38.00
Mirror Carton:              $35.00
Book Box:                    $22.00
TV Box:                        $28.00
Mattress Box:               $37.00
Bubble Wrap:                 $1.50  Per foot
White Paper Bundle:    $65.00
Mattress Cover:           $23.00
Carton Crate:               $55.00
Tape Each:                    $3.00
Shrink Wrap Per item: $20.00
Paper Pad:                    $7.00
Blankets:                     $40.00

Self Packing Tips:
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