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When it comes to import, you cannot risk gambling with just any company. Are you ready to ship to the US? Import to the USA requires a lot of expertise and experience. Let us briefly outline to you the course of events from the point of initiation to that of delivery:
The process starts with picking a company overseas that acts as your Agent. If you decide to book through us, ShippingQuest will coordinate with our overseas counterparts to act as your Agent and collect your goods.

Your goods will then be palletized or crated depending on the proper requirements. 72 hours prior to sailing we must file a ISF Notice with US Customs. Failure to file is a serious offense and will ultimately result in fines and penalties. You will need to provide our company with a detailed inventory list that has a general description of what your boxes contain or a Pro-forma invoice of your goods that you intend on importing. The bill of lading will be issued once your goods are on the ship and the ship has started its sailing. Since we required all freight service to be prepaid and the due amount is duly received, we will then issue an express release ocean bill of lading which means we do not need an original copy. Upon arrival of your goods our agents will start the clearance process with customs. After your goods clear customs they will be put on trucks and delivered to their point of destination. Transit time depends on the origination port of embarkation.

In general you need to consider 4 weeks of travel from China, while from the Caribbean it may take a mere 2 days. When importing to the USA, an importer needs to ascertain that all laws and regulations are abided with. He needs to fully understand what can or cannot be imported. Others rules may apply in other countries. ShippingQuest can guide you through this maze of prevailing regulations in more than 100 countries. Contact our agents today and speak to a trained shipping specialist who can help you move your goods from point A to point B. We will provide you with the latest regulations issued by the authorities of your destination country. You may also find it useful, and always harmless to contact your consulate in that country to obtain certain permits that may allow you to avoid or reduce duties and taxes imposed by the country you are shipping to. For import into Mexico you need to obtain special visas like FM2 or FM3.


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