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Shipping by Boat


ShippingQuest offers instant quotes for your international shipping.  Our service is via ocean shipping / shipping by boat / vessel. ShippingQuest offers competitive shipping rates with services you can rely. Our logistics offers a first class shipping and processing at all our warehouses and terminals.  

Our latest technology software gives you all the information about your shipment at your fingertips. Your online account gives you full tracking, documents, invoice, payments, and much more. ShippingQuest international shipping offers scheduled sailings which means your account will be updated with ETD, ETA, Vessel and Voyage information. 

Our staff will guide and provide professional advise for whatever services you require. Whether your shipping port to port or door to port, shipping personal items or general freight like engines or your business goods we can help transport freight internationally swiftly and efficiently. No other shipping network connects you to hundreds of carriers with a few clicks to obtain the cheapest freight shipping quotes available today. ShippingQuest provides services to thousands of businesses nationwide and world wide, customers like small businesses, private shippers, online stores like Amazon and Ebay, and online website. 

We offer 3 types of shipping services:

-Port to port:  
  You are required to drop off at the terminal you selected at origin and collect from the terminal you selected at destination

-Door to port:  
  We will collect your goods from your home or business and you are responsible to collect from the terminal you selected at destination

-Door to door:  
 We will collect your goods from your home or business and deliver to your home or business at the destination country you selected


Our online system will quickly provide you a quote, you can then book your shipment and have services provided as early as the same day.

ShippingQuest is a pioneer for online freight shipping connecting you to hundreds of carriers you know and trust at discount prices for domestic and international shipping. Get connected to the most powerful and trusted name in the shipping industry and start saving today!


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