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When we refer to freight shipping, we allude to bulk shipment, because there we obtain the greatest discounts. When freight carriers quote your LTL freight, they take in consideration that many other LTL shipments are being loaded in the same area. The entire business model of freight carriers is to move freight in bulk from point A to point B. Point A to Point B generally means from the origin terminal after it was collected locally, to Point B that designates the destination terminal (and then loaded onto the local carrier to execute the final delivery to a specific door if so requested). International shipping service by vessel is a BULK service. A single vessel may load up 1000’s of containers and start a long voyage to a destination point elsewhere, from New York port to Hong Kong Port, for example. Along the way, containers will be removed and other added while the entire project will be terminated upon the delivery of all the containers that are still onboard in Hong Kong. The entire freight shipping industry is based on bulk shipping otherwise the cost factor would not permit such a mode of transport. Even everyday mail is being shipped in bulk. Air freight, ocean freight, train freight, and truck freight, all are calculated as BULK FREIGHT. ShippingQuest offers LCL or less then container loads ocean freight from Terminal to Terminal. This is by far the absolute cheapest international freight shipping available, and LTL or less then truck loads for domestic shipping.

The cost rises when the Point involves the word DOOR, namely, a pickup request from the Client’s origin place of residence or business or the ultimate destination whereby the transport ends up at the door at destination site. The pickup and delivery are more expensive than the entire voyage via ocean from one country to another. This is because on the ship the merchandise is being transported as BULK cargo. A Full Truck Load (FTL) is likewise, an on-land bulk cargo: The truck carries a container dedicated to one customer and for that customer the entire truck is reserved. A freight train pulling hundreds of cars across the country is considered as a train carrying BULK cargo.
The bottom line is that - whatever the system of transport one may refer to - without transport life in the world of today will cease to exist, and most businesses will not survive.

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