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When deciding to transport your goods anywhere one of the few main factors to consider is shipping cost. For an individual shipper this factor may not be as important as for a business client who needs to monitor closely his profit margins. Business owners must have a clear understanding of the nature of merchandise their customer is shipping, his available budget, and his time frame associated with the transport. Being furnished with these details of information, the business owner may then be able to assess the costs of the various services that he can offer his customer. ShippingQuest offers LTL and FTL freight trucking for overland freight and LCL and FCL ocean shipping.

All services quotes are instantly available online. Our clients may easily obtain a good idea of the costs involved and can offer their customers a quality service at that price. ShippingQuest brings all the national carriers you know and trust at your fingertips with instant quotes and bookings. No need to shop around and waste time! With hundreds of LTL carriers connected to our network that you can trust, you will be saving time and still get the best possible shipping quotes. When preparing freight for transport you must make sure everything is palletized, boxed or crated and the quote you receive is based on the correct weight and dimensions. If you receive a quote for 250 lbs for a 24” x 36” x 35” crate and you end up building a 48” x 50” x 45” with the same weight then you can expect the price to increase and the reason is this: Carriers prefer to transport weight! If you load up a huge box of feathers or the like size box with weights, you will pay less for the box of weights then the box of feathers! Carriers can carry a certain amount of weight. If you fill the carrier’s capacity volume to carry light weight merchandize that falls below a certain predetermined weight you will be penalized and need to pay more! We bet you never thought of that! 

Carrier quotes are based on size, weight, commodity and class. The best way to avoid unwelcome hurdles is to make sure you pack merchandise weighting on average 4 lbs per cubic feet. When weight and size change, your class of shipment changes as well and that change will be reflected in a change of your price. 

Our easy to use booking platform allows quick insertion of basic information such as from and to zip codes and freight information including commodity reference that our system will recognize. After filling the requested information tabs all you need is to press Compare Rates button and the system will instantly submit the information to hundreds of carriers and in less than 30 seconds you will get numerous quotes on the screen with a ability to compare prices, carriers, services and transit time. If you plan to book shipments in the future you will definitely reduce future costs by joining our popular Powershipper program. For a small monthly fee you will receive instant discounts starting at 5% up to 15%. You will also earn more shipping points that can be redeemed towards price reductions in future invoices. You can recommend others to join and thus build an affiliates’ ledger that will earn you points every time one of your affiliates book a freight shipping service. Get connected to the most powerful shipping platform today! Compare, Book & Save! Instant quotes and quick booking at


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