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Shipping Tips for small business



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Always make sure your freight is labeled correctly, full shipper and consignee information


Make sure your freight is properly packed, nothing is exposed or loosely packed. Your goods should be boxed or  crated. If you palletize your goods  you must have cardboard your goods all around and then shrink wrap


For port to port service or door to port service, prepare to clear customs, pay any terminal fees and collect your goods


Terminals / Port overseas generally permit 5 business days of free storage, so its best to have your documents prepared so you can clear customs and collect your goods


When obtaining quotes, make sure you select the correct location type and additional accessorial such as lift gate


Domestic freight shipping quotes are generally valid for 30 days


Shipping to Mexico?  you must have your inventory approved by the Mexican Consulate prior to shipping


If you place your order by noon time you have a 95% chance of having your goods collected the same day


Avoid using big boxes with heavy items such as books. Boxes will generally break. Heavy items should be packed in small or medium boxes


Be sure to select the correct commodity for your shipment in order to obtain the correct quote, not sure? Contact us to verify


For International shipments, make sure you have your inventory available for custom clearance over seas


All palletized goods should be banded and shrink wrapped and stacked no higher then 80” and within the borders of the pallets


Residential pickups?  make sure all your boxes are ready on to be loaded and you schedule a lift gate


Dimensions should be rounded to the nearest inch. LTL carriers rely on correct freight dimensions. Wrong freight dimensions will result in an adjustment from the carrier and may be costly


To ensure freight is not damaged in transit, ShippingQuest recommends crating or palletizing all freight shipments. If shipping multiple boxes it is best that they are all bundled together


Wood crates provide a safe, flexible option when shipping fragile items. Crates can be built to accommodate standard and non-standard freight dimensions and continue to provide protection for fragile shipping loads


Oversize fee: Applies to shipments exceeding 10 feet in length. If the dimensions are factored into the quote in advance, this fee can be avoided


Lift-gate: Lift-gate trucks are required for freight exceeding 100 pounds or 72 inches in height and the pick up or drop off location does not have an accessible dock to move the shipment directly off the truck


Limited delivery access: If the pick up or drop off location has limited access for carriers, an adjustment may be applied, Limited access areas are defined as but not limited to prisons, military bases, any non-commercial facility, churches, schools, self storage facilities, mine sites, and/or utility sites


Residential fees: Can apply to pick up or drop off locations that are not businesses


Re-class: If a freight carrier has quoted a shipment based on a Freight/NMFC class, and the actual class is different for the items being shipped, a re-class adjustment will be applied


Bill of lading changes: Changes to the bill of lading, including changes to the shipper address, consignee address, piece count, weight and freight call can result in adjustments if a carrier has based the freight quote on any of the provided information


Do Not Ship:  Living plants or animals , Money, securities, valuable papers, jewelry


Plan it: Make sure you know the freight your shipping, packaging type, dimensions and weight


Prepare it: Whether your shipping domestically or internationally, make sure your goods are properly boxed


Secure it: in order to best protect your goods from damage and loss during transit, make sure your goods are palletized, banded, shrink wrapped and labeled


✓ Ship it: Use clear labels, complete and correct bills of lading with accurate freight description


 No additional charges if you requires a pickup or delivery appointment


 If your good require additional insurance, please advise our agents, we got you covered, domestically and internationally


 International Shipping service all have scheduled sailings that sail weekly to over 160 countries


 When you’re shipping fragile items, label fragile &  pack them with special care to avoid damage during transit


✓ Keep Fragile items separately from non fragile items. This will help minimize any damage if there is movement within the crate during transit


 Only trusted national carriers you know and trust will quote your request


 International Shipping ? ShippingQuest customs regulations guide for export or imports will help you, call us! 855-QUEST-US


 Need Crating?  ShippingQuest can offer custom crating service that meet all national and international standards


 Want to avoid additional fees ? Use ShippingQuest, we stand behind our quotes


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