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Shipping to Qatar
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Online Quote & bookings to Qatar with an 85% discount. ShippingQuest offers scheduled sailings to Doha with our ocean shipping services. Our consolidation offers customers the ability pay only for the space occupied in the container and save substantial money. Ship crates, boxes or palletized goods with ease and convenience. ShippingQuest offers exclusive 20' or 40' containers to ship your larger loads. ShippingQuest's customer support specialists are seasoned professionals who can assist you with all aspects of shipping.


At ShippingQuest we’re proud of offering you the lowest shipping rates possible 

Here’s howYou start of with creating your own online quote based on your real box dimensions and destination. Then simply BOOK your shipment online. Your order will be processed and your goods will be collected on the date you selected. Once your goods arrive to our export terminal they get measured. You only pay for what you ship. Your goods are palletized, secured and ready to ship out immediately with no delays. We consolidate to over 160 countries with scheduled sailings. And we offer 30 days free storage if needed. With ShippingQuest you’re always in control of what you spend and save. So you can ship to more places.


ShippingQuest guarantees our quotes to be the lowest or we will beat any documented quote. Earn reward points with every order that can be redeemed towards any invoice at anytime.

Book orders as early as 24 hours prior to the pickup date, It’s that simple & easy! Print documents, pay invoices and manage multiple shipments from one account. Track your shipment online or your smart phone. 

ShippingQuest offers useful information with years of experience. Connect to the most powerful and recognized name in the shipping industry and start saving today. 

Ship with us full container loads
 and less then container loads. Our easy to use quote system allows you to quote your order and book online. ShippingQuest does not share personal information with any third party. Privacy, security and customer service is ShippingQuest’s top priority. 


ShippingQuest made the process quick and secure to obtain quotes and book online

 Port to port
➠ Door to port
➠ Door to door

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