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Terminal Handling Charges


THC or Terminal Handling Charges are fees assessed by a receiving terminal or port. The receiving agent collects the container from the port and transports the goods to his bonded warehouse. The goods are off loaded for all the consignees and stored in the bonded warehouse where every consignee is responsible to clear customs and collect the goods. The receiving agent will prorate the THC and his fees for all the consignee's for every container. THC fees vary from terminal to terminal and from country to country. Some terminals offer 5 days free storage and some offer 30 days storage.

If the container has only one consignee then the entire THC is at the sole responsibility of the consignee along with collecting the container from the port after clearing customs. Ports normally give a grace period of 5 days to clear customs. Port fees vary from port to port and country to country. At times, customs can pull containers off the line and request to have the container inspected or x-rayed, the delay can be anywhere from 1 day to 30 days. All fees associated with special exams, x-rays and inspections are passes along to the consignee as they are not part of the normal procedures. 

Terminal handling charges are assessed in many countries when exporting. The fees can be loading fees, transport fees, doc fees and security fees, along with many miscellaneous fees. When shipping anywhere try to find out all the fees involved so they do not surprise you when exporting or importing.

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