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ShippingQuest connects you to hundreds of national carriers you know and trust. Our network of freight carriers ensures you will get the lowest freight rates. Our online instant quotes is easy to use and you can process your freight orders in less then 1 minute. ShippingQuest offers LTL freight shipping and FTL freight shipping. 


When transporting your goods, freight carriers require that all goods are to be boxed, palletized or crated. Drivers cannot collect goods that are not properly packed or partially packed with some parts exposed. Each individual box, pallet or crated cargo item must be properly labeled with the full shipper and consignee information. 

Carriers offer pickups at businesses and residential locations. They can offer you lift gates, schedule pickup time and delivery appointments. When carriers are trucking freight they secure the pallets by putting them very close to one another so they do not move around during transit. They load and off load the goods with pallet jacks, lift gates and forklifts according to the prevailing situation. Obviously they prefer to face a location that has a loading dock. Drivers will assist shipper with loading or off-loading the goods that are brought onto the truck and when they are being moved off the truck. Drivers are concerned with the proper handling of the goods and prevention of potential damage to it. When using pallets, try to use standard size 42” x 48” that can handle the weight you intend on using it for. Make sure the pallet is sturdy and not damaged as this can cause it to break while handled, inducing your merchandise to fall and scatter about with the result of potential damage. Palletized items should be banded with metal bands from bottom over the top and attached at the other side and then shrink wrapped for additional security. When your goods are collected, make sure you have two copies of the bill of lading, one copy must go to the driver and another copy is for your records which the driver will sign and place a sticker of the PRO# on. The pro# is the carrier’s tracking # according to which you can track your freight on our site. Simply enter the pro # and the last updated tracking information will appear. If your goods get weighed in at a weigh station and there is a discrepancy then the carrier will provide a documented official weight certificate. Upon delivery, if you require a POD (Proof of delivery) simply request it from ShippingQuest. PODs are available for every shipment.


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